Designed with you in mind, these courses are built on scholarly works from within Nursing and beyond. Too, they are served with a healthy dose of real-life experience and application to ensure your experience translates into meaningful


Holistic Life Assessment & Goals Setting Workshop

Need a 360 check up on where your life is at? Need to take a pause to assess what’s working, what’s not and what needs shifting to get you refocused on (and working towards) your goals? This is the course for you!




Staying strong: Limit setting & letting go

Tired of feeling like a “pushover” or feeling like crap because you said “YES” to something you’d rather say “NO” to… AGAIN???

Well, stay tuned because in this course we’ll show you not only 5 key areas we can set and maintain boundaries in but also how to recognize a boundary pinch, how to take back your power and say “no” (without hurting too many feelings). Oh, and we’ll also show you how to move forward and reframe these types of situations so you can spend more time being “you”… and not worrying so much about all the other stuff.