Reaching out for coaching can bring many things:
  • New perspectives
  • Creating a vision of broad projects and specific next steps to take
  • Magnify skills into superpowers.
  • Confidence and clarity in decision making
  • and so much more!

It’s all about helping you get clarity and traction.

Some topics I have experience coaching clients in/on are:
– Career transitions and next steps
– Working through challenging situations
– Visualization techniques to help you hone and grow skills or envision a project
– Creating work-life balance 
– Setting clear goals and mapping out ways to make them happen



Ways forward: How does it work?
Our first call can be a phone call or video call and typically runs 30 – 45 min. in length. In it I’d like to get a sense of what’s going on for you, what you’ve tried and where you want to take things. From there we can discuss possible timeframes to work within and if you’re up for it, I might assign some “homework” or reflective activities. This homework not only helps you get clear on what you want – but also helps you make the most of our time together.
Time: Life’s precious commodity
I find one hour sessions allow us to settle in, get clear on the direction you want to take our time together and get us working towards your goals. In terms of our timeframes of working together… it really depends on the nature and depth of work we’re taking up. We might decide to book a call one week after our initial consultation and then stretch it out to meeting every two weeks. This can allow you time to apply and reflect on take-aways from our calls and prep for our next one. No two clients are alike so our length of time working together and frequency of calls are based on what fits your focus.
An hourly rate of $75 (Canadian) an hour is payable following each session. Saying that, I would never want cost to be a barrier to you receiving coaching support so please do let me know if this is a concern, you are a student or otherwise.