Hi and welcome, I’m Norah! 

Entering practice as a Registered Nurse in 2003 I had no idea what Nursing truly was or what it required of me – nor could I have imagined what it would become for me. Across the past almost 20 years I have seen a lot of change: Change in the world, change in myself and change in our profession & workplaces.

In the beginning, Nursing was my world: my strength, my identity, what I knew a lot about and hungered to learn and do more in and – it was my family too. Now, it still is… just my world has gotten a little bigger. I have more experience & wisdom, I still love the profession and worry/care about my peers like family — but I’ve had to make room for other “things” and have come to learn some harsh realities of life and practice.

A turning point…

Up until 2012 I had a relatively supportive and rewarding career in Nursing. I had worked in Canada and Australia, in and out of hospitals and homes, for public and private agencies and held roles ranging from front line nurse, to charge nurse and educator. I loved and grew with every challenge and opportunity Nursing provided me with. By 2012 I had earned my Diploma, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nursing and was keen to keep growing and applying my knowledge and skills. I had leapt into a new role that promised to challenge me and open new doors in my career. Just a few short weeks in I realized how out of my depth I was. With no mentorship or support and increasingly hostile work situations I started to wonder how wise this leap was. Hostility gave way to outright bullying, gas lighting and other exceptionally toxic workplace practices. I was in over my head and couldn’t see a way out.

After trying a number of solutions on my own I reached out to a life coach. We worked together for over 6 months and what a difference this made for me: Not only could I get clear on what was happening around me – and how I could respond – or not- to it (hello boundary setting!)… it also helped me plan and activate a transition out of the role and to see new horizons.

From here, I knew the power that coaching held and I wanted to share it back with our profession. I have pursued various forms of coaching and professional development over the years and have created InspiredRN as a way to share with and support practitioners. 

Not a day goes by that life doesn’t call on us to rise to changes and challenges personally and professionally. In order to give the quality, compassionate care we desire, we need to be inspired, intentional practitioners. My goal is to help each of us (re)connect with the passion and hope that brought us to Nursing and such that it can shine in everything we do. Peek in at the various sections of the website and/or feel free to reach out to me directly! I’m always happy to connect and welcome feedback, collaborations and otherwise!