Thank you! Not just for venturing to this website and blog in hopes that my work might bring some light and benefit your way, but thank you also for sharing your time and attention with me. Truly, these two items: time and attention are precious. As a nurse, wife, mother, teacher, friend and coach I know how important these are and I’m deeply honoured that you’re sharing them with me. I won’t linger too long in this post, but I did want to pause to introduce myself and this site.

Since entering Nursing school over two decades ago I have worked both in and out of hospitals, for public and private agencies, in post secondary Nursing education as well as a unit educator and even held admin roles – and I’ve worked across Canada and in Australia. I offer this to shed light on the diverse experience I bring to my practice and why/how I know nursing needs nurturing.

Nurses are amazing, resilient and resourceful professionals too often going that extra mile without the chance to reel back in and recharge. I have seen this first-hand and experienced it myself. I intend to use this blog and website as a platform to knowingly connect with nurses to help us not only recharge but reconnect with what brought us to Nursing and rekindle that spark. Too, not everyone understands many aspects of our profession and far too often our voices are quiet in rooms they need to be heard in. I hope to give voice to some of our experiences and challenges such that they might fuel enriched discussion, change and empowerment.

There are many ways to connect with me. I’m on social media – facebook & instagram as the Inspired RN and can be reached through email: Nothing thrills me more than connecting with like-minded professionals so please reach out! I’m open to feedback, suggestions or otherwise and the blog is always open for comments – so please feel free (and encouraged!) to comment or share if something compels you.

Thank you so much for your visit today!

Best wishes always with hopes that you always remember “you got this”,


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